Autumn in the amber city: Photographs capture Russia's imperial capital Saint 
Petersburg bathed in orange, gold and red

  When photographer Amos Chapple sent a small drone helicopter up into the 
skies above Saint Petersburg to take pictures, he had no idea how they would 
turn out.
  But as you'll see from the results, New Zealand-born Mr Chapple needn't have 
  His airborne cameras have captured stunning images of the Russian city, 
bathed in an orange, gold and red autumnal glow.

  Awesome autumn: A picture of the Smolny Convent at sunset, taken by a camera 
mounted on a small drone helicopter

  The Church on Spilled blood lit by morning sunlight on a squally day

  Mesmerising: Hermitage Pavilion, in the grounds of the Catherine Palace, at 
  Landmarks that he captured include Mikhailovsky Castle, the Church of Spilled 
Blood, Hermitage Pavilion in the grounds of the Catherine Palace and the Peter 
and Paul Fortress.

  Saint Petersburg was founded by the Tsar Peter the Great in 1703 and was the 
Imperial capital of Russia until 1924, when the communist government that 
emerged from the revolutions of 1917 established its headquarters in Moscow.
  The city was renamed Leningrad, but reverted to Saint Petersburg in 1991.

  Up, up and away: An overview of central Saint Petersburg with the Church of 
Spilled Blood in foreground

  Picturesque: The cathedral within the Peter and Paul Fortress

  Eye-catching: Mikhailovsky Castle, surrounded by trees covered in red and 
brown autumnal leaves
  It is often said to be the most western of Russian's cities and its historic 
centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  The city has a total of 8,000 architectural monuments and over five million 
tourists visit it every year.
  In September the Baltic city hosted the G20 summit, with world leaders 
enjoying a magnificent banquet at the Peterhof Palace during their stay.





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