Ms Rydelle, Rodrigues, SMA, Chinchinim, Stood II in Chinchinim and First in
AVC at SSC in March 2017 with a score of 539/600, Besides being First in
Marhs(94),First in Maths and Science(190) combined , and second in
English(87) & Science (96),She shares with two others of the same school
the second rank and Maths and Science

She receives Rs 7420/ with the following 25  P.C.Trust awards

Eng Filipe Nery Rodrigues First student  in AVC,Ten P,A Lopes,Dr Maraian
Vaz.,Pedro/ Amalia Pereira, Rumaldo X Cunha, Maria Divina Menezes,,Lucciano
Coutinho,,Joao Brito.Inez Rodrigues Sivestre/ Rosa Maria Silva,   Dr
Thomas/Maria  Antonio/ Maria Menezes,  Mr A P DeMelo,  Mr J P De Melo,Mr
Trindade /Inez Almeida, Master Ernesto Velho, Fr Conradino Lopes,  Cajetan
Rodrigues, Remedios Mendes, Martin/ Wenefrida Pereira,   Antonio
Rosario/Eleteria Coutinho,,A.J & Philomena Pereira,  Mr Jose E Carvalho, Fr
Cyril Noronha,  Mr Nelson /Leena Lopes,

Maestro Carlos Rodrigues in  Music Violin Grade III Trinity College London

Other awards

Rotary Club of Cuncolim Rs500/   III in  A.V.C. schools, Chinchinim Utsav
Committee rs 1500/ PTA , SMA Rs 2500=

Nelson Lopes

Chairman P.C.Trust

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