It is reported that the students of the Benares Hindu University have filed a 
FIR against the management for propagating RSS ideology via staging a play "Me 
Naturam Godse Boltoi" in the campus. The killer of the Mahatma is sought to be 
glorified with no restrictions. In Rajasthsn, the police could not gurantee 
safety of public to see movie Padmavat, permitting vandalism by the Karni Sena, 
setting fire to vehicles, throwing petrol bombs etc causing terror unchecked. 
However they are very competent in dealing firmly with farmers who are 
impoverished due nature and government farming policies . I saw Padmavat and it 
glorifies Rajput pride, states movie is fiction, does not promote Sati which 
was in vogue during that period and what is more had the stamp of the CBFC and 
even the Supreme Court! The police is active against poor defenceless farmers 
but will not act against goondas like Karni Sena who destroy property and 
terrorise people and the general public not in tune with sentiments/ideology of 
one section of our diverse nation? Wither our Constitution's: "We, the people 
of India ,having solemnly resolved to secure to all its citizens Justice, 
social,economic and political; Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith 
and worship; Equality of status and of opportunity, and to promote among them 
all Fraternity, assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and 
integrity of the nation". There is no room for intolerance and bullying mobs or 
destroying the unity and integrity of our nation by those in power! The world 
is keenly watching to see if we are a lawful, humane and spiritual nation that 
can be admired.

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