Indian Governments whichever parties dominate, seem like hapless bystanders 
when major frauds and crimes take place. 

This leads one to believe the nexus and pattern that has long existed between 
fraudsters, criminals and politicians has not been dented. In recent memory, 
India seems to have no power to extradite or take recourse to rendition for 
Indian gangsters taking refuge in Pakistan and Australia and cheats like Vijay 
Mallya and Nirav Modi sheltering in the UK.

Here is the pattern:
1. The scams and crimes take place over a long period of time, in collusion 
with politicos, police and the malfunctioning of the judiciary. For example 
Nirav Modi’s ride on the PNB was done during over 8 years.

2. Eventually the misdeeds come to light. By that time, tracks have been 
covered and refuge overseas has been arranged. More than 90% of the money 
involved has been laundered and transferred of which some has been given along 
the way to the colluders.

3. Alarm bells are sounded as if this has just taken place rather than over the 
past decade or so and news is disseminated that the ED, Police and Central 
Agencies are raiding this and that of the absconded. For example in Nirav 
Modi’s case, it is big news that his luxury cars (10 crores) and share holdings 
(100 crores) have been seized. Compare that to what is admitted as loss to the 
bank (11,400 crores). 

4. Figures are bandied about, none of which are true:
Govt says X has been defrauded.
The perpetrator admits to have taken 0.5X
The actual loot is in the region of 5 to 10X

5. Under ‘controlled conditions’ the accused is dragged back or surrenders. 
Suddenly relevant records go missing from Govt files. The fraudster files 
injunctions against his past asset seizures and the court returns most of the 
assets to the scamster with granting of bail pending the outcome of the case 10 
or 15 years into the future.

6. By the time the case is decided by the courts (appeals are filed by either 
side for whom the judgement was unfavourable), many of the principals have left 
the scene (God’s good earth). The money in question as mentioned, has certainly 
departed even before.

In the end, several Govt and Police officials’ families have seen good days. 
Huge amounts have been paid for their children’s foreign education, even bigger 
amounts paid as dowry and wedding expenses. Gigantic houses are built and a 
dozen flats all over the city or country purchased. For sure one or more in 
Goa. Several generations of the scamster’s families will live in the lap of 
luxury, relieved from earning a living.

Taxpayers meanwhile pay the price of it all. They count themselves lucky if 
they don’t need to commit suicide out of dire need.

The nation gets ready for the next big one.

Roland Francis

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