The government does not seem to care much for the senior citizens, labor, poor 
and those who are harassed either due to not being computer literate for one 
reason or another, fingerprints not showing in some machines, and technical 
failures in the internet or computers. The ridiculous answer by the government 
spokespersons is that no one is denied rations or services due lack of Aadhar 
since this is included in the Act itself! They simply ignore feedback, say the 
avenue of complaint/ court is always open which means asking for further 
harassment. I fail to understand why "off line backup" during infrastructre 
failures/ emergencies is not permitted! Despite the deadline date for linking 
being 31st March, I am threatened daily by messages warning of disconnection of 
services . As a senior citizen, having gone to the offices as called umpteen 
times with same negative results, linked my Aadhar with one of my phones (the 
form admits only one number), for which I had to climb to the 3rd floor, no 
place to sit due rush, paid the service and GST charges etc, ( incidently my 
fingerprints showed clearly here) the IDEA office now  wants me to  go to their 
Panaji outfit! JIO is awaiting some government solution. As a senior citizen, 
having my identity confirmed with about 10 government issued cards and 
passport, besides having the Aadhar and my name in the government gazette being 
a retired defence officer.  I refuse to be harassed any more by my government 
who seems to be hell bent on making the life of citizens I have mentioned 
above, and the service providers miserable for no fault of our own! The law 
abiding citizens are thus harassed no end, the others I notice easily "manage" 
as usual ?

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