Suraj Parmar was a Thane builder, stuffed to the gills like all successful 
builders with black money, obscene profits and high level expertise in bribing, 
cajoling and manipulating all persons connected with his builder-business.

Parmar had what it takes to be in the Bombay and suburbs real estate business, 
but even he had reached a point where he deemed his life was not worth living.

The suicide of Suraj Parmar was well reported and if you really want to see the 
depth of the filth in those murky waters where shady businessmen, questionable 
financiers, municipal corporators, “social activists”, Police, 
gangster-extortionists and the municipal and land revenue offices all play the 
dirtiest of games, you need but read the various reports on the internet about 
the suicide of Suraj Parmar.

Only a matter of time before Goa too reaches this peak.

Roland Francis

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