Quite obviously Melwyn is joking when suggesting that Pyramids be built at Mopa 
India has had an ages old tradition of cremation, which to me seems to be the 
environmentally preferred way to dispose of human remains. The tradition of 
burying the dead, came from the Middle East, from which both the Christian and 
Muslim religions originate.  They did not have enough firewood from trees in 
ancient times in those countries, so burial became the norm.  
Perhaps the Government should make it a requirement that all chemically 
preserved remains should be cremated after religious observances, to prevent 
poisoning our environment.  This was the case with the actress who died last 
week.  It is time to be practical in these matters. Definitely no Pyramids in 
Goa !  Unless Metwyn wants to start a crowd funding project for this purpose.

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