Perhaps it’s too early to talk of legacies but if one has to be written of 
Manohar Parrikar, it will have to be of broken promises, shattered dreams, 
opportunities missed, principles thrown in the wind of expedience and of a 
promising son of Goa dragging the state’s good name further in the mud after 
all the disreputable CMs it already had.

All his simplicity, his hard work, his education and his strong will have had 
to bow before the altar of keeping his party’s interests ahead of his state’s.

Those who years ago read of Goanetter Rajan Parrikar’s frustrations and 
disappointments with one-time friend Manohar Parrikar would have had an inkling 
of what was to come.

It is very disappointing that someone who could make a great Chief Minister and 
set the bar for good governance for a small state that deserved it, has 
shattered the expectations of a simple, honest, trusting and hospitable 
population, leaving it no choice but to take the undesirable path of the rest 
of the country. 

Sorry Manohar Parrikar, you let your unstinted devotion and obligation to a 
political party hinder a greater cause - the good of your own people.

Roland Francis

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