Who are the bigger rogues?

Today, everyone is making fun of Mickey. Fine, he deserves it. He had no
business to drive his vehicle on the beach. But no matter how crude,
uncouth and rough Micky might be in his behaviour, but still he's far
better than some of the present day ministers who are far worse
extortionists. Just to give one illustration one such Minister was not even
willing to spare the founding father of his own party and demanded money in
lakhs for otherwise routine Power (Load) approval. Corruption is a cancer
that eats away a citizen's faith in a democracy. Today, people are losing
faith in institutions and in the Government itself because of the rampant
prevailing corruption that is happening, under the instructions of such
Ministers. When you accept such mercenaries in the party to swell your
numbers, then there's no option but to ignore such things as part of
political compulsion. That is the nature of politics today. BJP's tallest
leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee once said, " there can be no compromise
regarding corruption". But today, Goa's politics is proving him wrong. Mickey
can be taken care of but who will tame such Ministers?

warm regards,

Sandeep Heble

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