Mopa Airport pyramid invitation for suggestions and expressions of interest

In the English Dictionary Goa comes before Goan, God and Google. In his song 
”Proud to be Goan” written specially for World Goa Day, Basilio Magno, former 
Editor of Goan Echo, while in Russelsheim Germany described Goa as a small dot 
on the map.  This was more than thirty years ago when Jorge and Livia De Abreu 
proposed World Goa Day, seconded by a lady in Maryland California. Lest we 
forget this special event called “World Goa Day (WGD)” was instituted to mark 
the anniversary of that momentous day – 20th of August 1992 – when the Indian 
Parliament included Konkani in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution. 
That was the long awaited day when Konkani got due recognition as an official 
language in India, Konkani – “Amchi Bas” – Our Mother tongue, finally 
recognized as Indian. What a wonderful reason to celebrate. For ten years 
nothing happened until the strenuous efforts of Rene Baretto in London got the 
occasion up and running and created an interest in different parts of the 
world. This is now celebrated at in various countries at different times of the 
year. If the date of Christmas day could be changed by the Goan it would have 
been by now. The Logo of World Goa Day shows a family leaving the Golden Sands 
of Goa crossing the sea, with them, they carried our culture, music, food and 

Rewinding, as a former editor of the Goan Association (UK) Newsletter with no 
internet access and one finger typing on a slow Remington manual typewriter 
going tap tap tap into the night waking the neighbours I had asked for a list 
of outstanding jobs to be done in Goa and invited our people with skills living 
abroad to assist local people and projects funded by Surplus income from 
celebrations eating and dancing in several countries that could create 
employment opportunities. May I ask again perhaps the NRI office can 
coordinate? Our people are so clever Google not needed. You may recall 
President Banda of Malawi expelled a whole Goan population from Malawi because 
there were dancing at the club while his speech was on the Radio.

World Goa Day in 2018 is more important than it has ever been. Today it 
highlights our people who are neither here nor there some even having abandoned 
Goan family names one would think we have an artificial half cast generation 
CHOTARA with names like Mckenzie, Johnson, Washington, Shelton, Rodney and 
Fawn. These are not Goan or Portuguese or Indian names as new arrivals from Goa 
land in Breadline Britain in search of a better life and employment 
opportunities. These names could be associated with Kapris from the West Indies 
along with the local natives.

There is a saying you are worth more dead than alive. In England the Registered 
Charity Goan Welfare Society based in Cranford can and has arranged for a one 
or four bedroom coffins to be airfreighted to Goa depending on Price. To remind 
you this new business appears to have no transparent audit trail and, in its 
absence, could be easily viewed as a hand in pocket thrill recently being 
mimicked by others begging for money on the internet with no payment safeguard 
for donations and their donors thus leaving their individual bank account open 
to fraudsters. Those who qualified so far have been Portuguese Nationals of 
Goan Origin claiming to have no money. Goan Welfare Society has enough funds 
for the next hundred coffins or Ashes facility for 200. With unknown additional 
income from the overcrowded 700 capacity fundraiser New Year’s Ball 2017 at 
Wands worth Town Hall and income streams from Raffles, Bar, Paper hats, 
catering Life membership revenue with no receipts or welcome pack creating a 
feel good factor. Although I have enquired, no one has told me the amount 
raised and my feeling is nobody cares as they dance the night away. No more 
begging please.   Every other day there are announcements of people dying in UK 
followed by requiem mass and burial in GOA.   Is it the latest craze to come to 
UK before you die?   For free shipment back to Mother Goa for burial?

In my note of 5th May I asked as to what happens to bodies chemically treated 
abroad to prevent decay brought to mother Goa for burial. Just like mining and 
coal, this business with allegations of Hand in Pocket has no consideration for 
the environment as in Goa graves are recycled every three years as bodies 
decompose. There used to be talk of human bones distributed across the state by 
foxes is this still the Case.

The Pyramid will be a memento of our present civilization. The building could 
have a cremation facility to process the newly arrived bodies, the ashes 
including gold from tooth fillings and accessories could be passed on to loved 
ones. The coffins that were zinc or lead lined could be stripped of precious 
metals that could be recycled.

To further protect the environment every person in Goa should now lobby their 
representatives to ban the burial of chemically treated bodies They must be 
cremated on arrival with the ashes handed to family and loved ones. To be 
enshrined in law by the legislative assembly.

21,000 trees have been felled. The MOPA Airport project has been stopped while 
the search for local workers to be employed resumes.

To get the Pyramid project up and running you will need a committee headed by a 
President, on second thoughts scrub this as no one follows any rules.

The days of crab mentality played a vital role in the survival of our people 
yester year when our hardy ancestors left the shores of Goa without Travel 
insurance to plant the flag for Europeans inland on the dark Continent. Crab 
Mentality prevented deaths by stopping people going into disease infested land 
and wild animals a place where the Europeans sent you first never to return.

The views expressed in this article are personal and should not be used as any 

Melvyn Fernandes

Thornton Heath Surrey England

13 March 2018

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