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*7 April, 2018*


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*The Goa Su-Raj Party – GSRP, in its post 2017 Assembly Elections decision,
has resolved that the Party shall not contest future State Assembly
Elections, if the Party’s grass-roots organizations in the respective
constituencies, i.e. CWCs [Constituency Working Committees] are not in
place, where the President of the CWC is the Candidate and the Secretary is
the Substitute candidate, said Senior Party Leader and spokesperson, Mr.
Floriano Lobo.*

*Q: Why such a decision comes after the Party’s 18 years of existence in
the State Politics?*

*A: In Goa, politics is all about money and GSRP was put together to defeat
the display of MONEY POWER in politics, or to allow politicians to become
crorepatis overnight, so to speak, because the end result is negative
irrespective of who gets elected or which party comes to power, with the
Goan people going to square one with U-Turns and Super-U-Turns galore on
pre-election promises.*

*Q: Can you explain as to how GSRP intends to fight elections without

*A: ‘Money’ is necessary to even move a match-stick in every day life,
especially so in politics. But huge sums of money is certainly not required
to move the voters to line-up to vote for their own better future. When
huge amounts of money comes into play, the Party’s ideology gets diluted or
even wiped out through the strings attached to that money.  GSRP’s has a
OF MONEY FROM A FEW”  which explains it all, meaning,  nothing comes  for
free but at a cost. Through this slogan, GSRP is telling the people of Goa
who desire a lasting change for the better that without them investing in
their own future but wanting that someone else should invest for them,
fetches them dictatorial governments which take U-Turns with impunity the
very next day the election results are declared.*

*Q: With the above decision you mean to say that if CWCs are not in  place,
the party shall stay out of elections?”*

*A: It is suicidal to contest elections without basic grass-roots
organizations. The  Party, thus far,  was only popularizing itself by
fielding candidates.*

*Q: Your  Party’s name ‘SU-RAJ’ has not gone well with the people  of Goa.
Will the Party consider changing the Party’s name should a popular demand
is made?*

*A: “ Democracy is the ‘root’ of this Party. If such a sentiment is aired
by the members and/or the well wishers of the Party, the General Body shall
decide one way or the other what is good for the Party. But should a
different name is agreed upon, the acronym ‘GSRP’ must be maintained to
whatever substitutions desired, with ‘G’ standing for ‘GOA’”. The choice of
GOA SU-RAJ was shortlisted with two other probable names among many and
voted upon by  13 founding members out of 16 voting, in the final round.*

*Q: What is your Party’s Stand on Goa’s present ‘MINING’ and ‘PDAs’

*A: With respect to mining in Goa, we thank the Supreme Court as well as
the ‘Goa Foundation’ for the stoppage of the loot and plunder of Goa’s
vital mineral resources since 1961, Mining should NOT be restarted unless
and until a fool-proof - no-nonsense mining policy is put in place with
people’s involvement in its framing.  In a  letter to Justice Shah of the
Shah Commission, when he visited Goa, the Party  had stated that if the
mining in Goa does not benefit Goa and Goans, but on the contrary it
affects their lives,  their livelihoods, as well as their safety and well
being, then let the mineral resources lie buried, untouched and
undisturbed, whether the Central or State Governments likes it or not. The
mining scamsters must be brought to book and the loot of more than a lakh
crores rupees recovered. Mining operations must be carried out, if at all,
 based on VILLAGE CO-OPERATIVES, and at no time the present leases should
be auctioned to the highest bidders. The alternative to mining is
advancement of Goa’s agriculture  through scrapping of the Agriculture
Tenancy Act, 1964, which act has mutilated the vibrant agricultural status
of Goa.*

*With respect to PDAs and ODPs which are blatantly being floated to favour
vested interests, these should be DEEP FROZEN until the Regional Plan 2021
is notified. The Regional Plan must incorporate the PDAs and ODPs to the
fullest extent and no changes to the Regional Plan must be entertained
during its tenure of 10 years except in cases of acute emergencies. The
next Regional Plan that will take over must be planned concurrently so that
there is no gap in its  notification.  With Regional Plan kept in limbo, it
is a FREE FOR ALL for all the political cooks to do what they want which is
detrimental to the statistical planning of Goa with respect to population
growth [authentic Goan population], industrial, educational,
infrastructural and other social and sport oriented growth to say the
least.         *

*In his ending comment Mr. Lobo quoted the age old saying “WHERE THERE IS
WILL, THERE IS A WAY”, making a categoric statement that GSRP cannot and
shall not take U-Turns, as  U-Turns are not a part of its written down
‘System of Governance’. He further said that whoever wants to come into the
Party’s CWC organizations,  must agree to the  Constitutional Provisions of
Art. 34 [only 5 member cabinet] and Art. 38 [No Corporations and
Institutions to MLAs]. That the Party shall rule through ‘belt-tightening’
processes with its sights set on repayment of the present over 70,000
Crores and galloping Public Debts which leaves no future for Goa’s future

*For GSRP*


*Floriano Lobo*
*Mob: 9890470896*

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