South West Railways deserves some credit for deciding not to extend
the third railway track beyond Majorda Station. Rarely have government
functionaries shown any regard for our Goan architectural heritage. CM
Parrikar obviously had something to do with it. I am reminded of the
significance of his words on this subject: someone makes a decision
somewhere and we have to follow it? He was referring to decisions
which impact Goa tremendously and which are not ours!

The SW Railway unfortunately continues to shunt bogies at all times of
day and night causing immense damage to the heritage houses not far
from the tracks. Aside from the din and whistle blowing which keeps
people in the neighborhood awake at night, it would be totally
unacceptable in a civilized country. It is nothing less than a
flagrant disregard of human rights in the mad rush for development at
any cost, including the cost of human suffering and destruction of our
cultural heritage. The villagers are unhappy about it. Will SW Railway
show some human feeling?

The British built the railways in 1895, much before the birth of our
nation India in 1947. Goa joined the nation a dozen years later. A lot
of houses in the village of Cansaulim and environ have Indo-Portugues
houses near or along the tracks which are undergoing tremendous
damage. The cost of maintenance and repair work is not at all cheap.
Often, the laborers who knew the old building techniques are no longer
alive and so we have to rely on people who don't really know how it
was done originally. They often improvise or use new techniques and
materials which do not always make for a happy ending.

Can't the SW Railways find a better place along the long railway route
to shunt trains than in front or near old heritage Goan houses? The
Indo-British railway should not be used to destroy the
Indo-Portugueuse houses. Both are a part of modern India, and both
deserve to be preserved and used wisely, and not as weapons of
heritage destruction. SW Railways please show a bit of sensitivity.

Goa Forward Party needs to form a policy to include the protection of
old Indo-Portuguese houses from the onslaught of the SW Railways. As
Goa is an integral part of the State of India what the railways are
engaging in is nothing less than destruction of a part of Goa's, and
India's national heritage. Some of the houses belong to important
political leaders. The late Chief Minister Dr Proto Barbosa and the
late Mathany Saldhana's houses are among them. A building has been
named after him. Why can't the government protect Mathany's own house
from the barbaric acts of the SW railways?

Declare Cansaulim and environ a heritage house village and strengthen
Goemkarponn. Would the SW Railways do the same to other old heritage
structures in India?

If not, find some other place where there are no old, heritage, and
priceless structures to shunt the bogies. Is it too difficult a
problem to solve?

PS Happy to inform everyone that SW Railway has shown sensitivity
and responsibility and is no longer shunting bogeys in front of heritage house.

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