Have you heard about this despicable Catholic comedian Stephen Colbert creates  
a blasphemous show—aired on Easter!

Let's pray that:

God fulfills his hope-giving promises in spite of and through the opposition of 
ignorant people.
God wipes away all the sins of people who repent and turn to Christ.
God will one day establish the kingdom of Christ on the earth.



Catholic comedian Stephen Colbert
creates blasphemous show—aired on Easter!

I’m very saddened to write to you about this, but I feel it is my duty.

God is being attacked in one of the most impure and vile ways imaginable, and I 
can’t let this one slide by.

Showtime aired on Easter Sunday a creation by late night comedian Stephen 
Colbert, "Our Cartoon President."  The show has the cartoon character of Trump 
asking the question, "How do grown adults still worship Jesus?" [1]

But to question how we worship Jesus wasn’t enough, the show went even further 
and much more graphic and sexual. The show attacks God, Mary Most Holy and St. 

In the show, the cartoon president is caught off guard taking on a hot mic.

"Was that Joseph guy a p**z, or what? Clearly he wasn’t taking care of Mary’s 
needs. I mean, If God k****d up my wife, He’d never d**** again. I’d cut off 
God’s p***s."

Tell Showtime that Blasphemy is a LIE
and it’s Absolutely 

Later on the cartoon Trump "clarifies" his statement saying, "Don’t believe the 
dishonest media. I would never cut off God’s p***s, unless God begged me, like, 
‘Please, son! Slice off my d***!’ I’m like Jesus, only with twice as many 

Also, there is a scene where the cartoon God calls the cartoon Trump an 

This is absolutely outrageous and gross to say the least! This is an extremely 
vile and sick attack on everything Christians hold dear and sacred.

On top of that, this show was aired on Easter Sunday, a most holy day revered 
by Christians when Our Lord resurrected, having died on the Cross for the 
redemption of men.

The creator, Stephen Colbert claims to be Catholic. How can a Catholic create 
and permit such vile blasphemy as is shown in "Our Cartoon President"?

Tell Colbert and Showtime to be Honest
about Catholicism and Stop 

Please sign this petition to have Showtime immediately take downs this grossly 
offensive public blasphemy.



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Until next time, I remain

Sincerely yours,


Gary J. Isbell
Tradition Family Property

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