The clamour against the setting up of the Planning and Development
Authorities (PDAs) is getting louder and louder. At last, the people have
organized themselves against the PDAs in Santa Cruz, Kadamba plateau,
Taleigao, St, Andre, Calangute, Candolim and Parra. The congregation at the
Azad Maidan on 6th April, 2018 saw an impressive show of strength by the
people who want to oppose disproportionate so-called development which will
sound the death knell for these areas which are basically villages. The
people this time have made their stand very clear and staged a democratic
and civilized demonstration against the further concretization of Goa. Goa
Foundation director, Claude Alvares, a very prominent activist and
environmentalist as well as many others like famous historian Prajal
Sakhardande and Sabina Martins of the Goa Bachao Abhiyan also attended the
peaceful show of strength and pledged their unstinting support against the
formation of the PDAs. Thanks to their support, the Goa Against Planning
and Development Authorities is now a well organized movement that can take
the matter to the courts, even if need be to the Supreme Court, thus adding
a much needed boost to the popular uprising against the PDAs.

However, two elected representatives of the coalition government -- namely
Town and Country Planning Minister, Vijai Sardessai and Michael Lobo, the
Deputy Speaker and Chairman of the North Goa Planning Development Authority
-- are adamant against bowing to the popular wishes. While Vijai Sardesai
has termed the agitation a ~mobocracyā€¯, which is totally misplaced, since
the demonstration was peaceful and civilized, Michael Lobo stated that come
what may, he would go ahead with the formulation of the Outline Development
Plan (ODP) for Calangute, Candolim and Parra.

These two coalition partners seem to be seeking the destruction of Goa by
allowing the concretization of Goa against the express wishes of the people
with high-rise buildings in paddy fields, orchard land, hills and coastal
areas; which will lead to more traffic snarls and accumulation of garbage
as well as discharge of sewage,  in addition to putting pressure on
electricity and water shortages, which is now widespread in the state and
emission of more green house gases leading to global warming and climate
change. People power is paramount and the bed-rock of democracy, and this
time the people are bent on nipping in the bud the devious designs to sell
Goa by resorting to disproportionate concretization.

Sustained pressure should be kept by the Goans who only want to protect
their land from land sharks and mafias and maintain the rustic charm of
these villages, an essential element of Goenkarponn.

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