Hasn't Lorna Cordeiro come here often? People have heard her numerous
times. A rising star

from Goa or someone Goans here haven't heard before should have been given
ghe stage.

I heard the late tiatrist Opheilia's idaughter, Babli, could have got due
exposure for her new

CD in praise of her parents. Her,father was the late Peter Fernandes,

Was not the GOA President and the ex-culture director involved in getting

Lorna for a show last year? Wha was the profit? Wasn;t the profit less than

As I wrote in one Goan magazine, Lorna came to Toronto for a show that was
billed as sponsored by GOA, but it’s alleged it was GOA President Selwyn
Colaco and Marshal Fernandes, then the culture secretary, who jointly
brought Lorna.

Lorna and her music director Norman Cardozo came from New Jersey after a
show put up by Effie Tavares, sister of Goa’s popular writer/director,
Sammy Tavares.

The GOA has decided to give Lorna a LIfetime Award. May I ask is GOA a
“trade body” or an organization totally responsible for promoting tiatr and
khell-tiartr. in Goa, there’s a tiatr association called Tiatr Academy of
Goa (TAG) which gives awards and holds tiatr competition, etc.

This is a recognized body and a Lifetime Award by TAG has a prestigioous
value. Is Lorna going to get the award because her music director Norman
Cardoza is now “closely” to the Goa Amigos, which is led by Selwyn. The
whole thing stinks of favouritism.

Unfortunately, I, for one, has lost confidence in this executive committee.
I wa talking to an ex-president a month or so ago and he too agree that
he’s keep himself at a distance from the current GOA. In the same way, a
former chief o GOA Trustees has lost interest in the GOA and is unhappy
with what is going on.


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