UK: Fri 6 April Good News Chocolates escape Sugar Tax

On Friday 6 April 2018, the UK Government imposed a Tax on all sugary drinks 
and juices. This was to tackle the growing obesity in the UK especially among 
children and reduce the rise in diabetes and other conditions due to high 
consumption of sugary items.

Lucky for us, chocolates were exempt.   Chocolates are a high invisible export 
from the United Kingdom as they are taken all around the world as presents to 
spread happiness.

For us Goans in the UK this is especially good news as for relations and 
friends suitcases full of chocolates are taken from here to Goa with goodwill, 
a common myth is that they taste better from abroad not because they are given 
free purchased from earnings in the UK.

In our FT World , Fotikoros and Toadokis( Liars and Cheats) anything goes. True 
a fruit and nut chocolate purchased in Goa may have just one piece of fruit and 
half a nut but the taste is, according to my taste buds, no different. Try the 
Triangular Toblerore or Ferro Roche let us know the difference if any.

In the UK the Chocolate sizes have got smaller for the same price so this 
season even more can fit in a suitcase so you need not miss anyone to share the 
happiness. After all who wants to see a sad face during vacation?  Cadbury is 
still first choice.

Melvyn Fernandes

Thornton Heath Surrey England

8th April 2018

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