Lorna is undoubtedly a crowd-puller. I suppose that could be the main reason to 
bring her. I feel the GOA purpose should not be to aim for more money but earn 
some profit and, at the same time, help promote young talent. Bringing rising 
stars from Goa will help them get exposure in the Goan diaspora.Yesterday, I 
listened to Tatum's tribute song to her parents, Ophelia and Bab Peter. I was 
noved by the lyrics and the voice. I have heard her for the first time and I 
hope ti download the album. Maybe Goans in Goa and Mumbai heard her, but giving 
such a talented singer an opportinity to show her singing power to Toronto 
Goand will definitely boost her confidence.Two years ago, O Luv cane here, 
though I think he got pushed behind because of Palomi's overwelming presence. I 
didn't attend Viva Goa last year, and doubt if I wil be going this year.Last 
year, Lorna cane here for a privste shiw billed as Adios Lorna, supposedly 
meaning her last presence in Toronto at least.To read a bigger discussion on 
this, go to the Tiartist -- Fan Group Facebook page.

But how much can we hear her? M

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But the grassroots popularity Lorna still has flies in the face of all such


PS: He who is not over 50 may cast the first stone.

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On 8 April 2018 at 23:32, Roland Francis <roland.fran...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Unlike Eugene, I have never been closely involved with the G.O.A. And
> therefore have no problem with it.
> I do however have a problem with a star who has exceeded her ‘best by’
> date by close to 40 years, singing once well-composed songs by a famous
> Goan composer since dead, that have also exceeded their ‘best by’ dates.
> We had these songs sung by Palomi Ghosh in a previous Viva Goa year and
> now we have the much older model with a once-pleasing now rusty voice doing
> the same routine again.
> A turn-off to Viva Goa in my opinion, not to mention the same old, same
> old format (stalls, Indian Ambassador, Mississauga mayor stage routine)
> that has endlessly prevailed.
> The only thing Viva Goa is useful for, in my opinion, is to meet friends
> and other people you have not met over the past year anywhere else.
> > On Apr 8, 2018, at 12:05 PM, Eugene Correia <eugene.corr...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > Hasn't Lorna Cordeiro come here often? People have heard her numerous
> > times. A rising star
> >
> > Eugene

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