At the Ocoqueiro traffic lights junction, one day I observed many traffic 
police personnel hanging around two lady police officers busy confiscating two 
liscenses. They were busy with plenty of paper work near their vehicle parked 
next to the PWD pumping station whilst on the other sides, traffic were merrily 
breaking the rules! I asked some of the police personnel why they are watching 
the indiscipline and instead of hanging around chatting, not taking some 
action. They said tell the engrossed in paper work women cops. I had time, so 
waited patiently for about 10 minutes whilst they were busy explainning 
procedures to two defaulters, how to recover liscence, talking on the mobile, 
obtainning signatures etc! I patiently asked one of them why not send someone 
to check traffic violations whilst they were busy and she said yes, but did 
nothing! I cannot understand why basics are not done; for example paint the 
stop line which is almost invisible, raise the wornout speedbreaker,  also 
highlight the Zebra crossing, use prevention better than cure methods to pull 
up defaulters. Police presence at the junction, I notice daily on my walks, do 
absolutely nothing to check blatant violations. Two wheelers breaking the red 
light or crossing against the flow/ wrong side is common, no traffic slowing 
down on coming of yellow light etc are rampant! So are daily violations on the 
bridges going unchecked. Discipline must flow from top down, behavior of VIPs, 
politicians, police personnel, enforcing the law and without fear or favor? Not 
being done!

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