> Blame God.
> In Guinea a woman was jailed and fined for cheating women who wanted to 
> become pregnant.
> She would give them some herbs and powders that would bloat their stomachs 
> for the next 18 months and charge them an average of $33 in cash, some cloth 
> and a hen when she declared them pregnant. Their menstrual periods would 
> continue but who cared about that and the unusually long term of the 
> pregnancy?
> When the game was up, she would say getting a child was up to God.
> Hell May Be Like This.
> More of this and there might be a farewell to Pyramid Schemes forever.
> A Dubai Court sentenced all involved in cheating 500 investors for large sums 
> of money in a pyramid scheme.
> The punishment meted out was 500 years in jail for each perpetrator based on 
> a one year sentence for each investor cheated. Two Goans were among those 
> sentenced.
> Even after future sentence reduction and good behaviour, they will still have 
> a couple of hundred years to serve. 
> Rapture or Doom? 
> If you want to hear of Oddities in the practice of the Christian faith, 
> you’ll find it in Africa.
> There was this man of the cloth in South Africa who was known to claim cure 
> of people with AIDS and Cancer by spraying them during services full in the 
> face with Doom, a can of pesticide.
> He was brought to book through complaints of 5 people assaulted in this 
> manner and convicted not on criminal charges but on the contravention of the 
> “Agricultural Stocks Act”.
> What’s next? A man stabbing another booked on the “misuse of the Iron and 
> Steel Act”?
> Roland Francis
> Toronto.

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