Airbus is creating a new travel class by 2020 with installing bunk beds in the 
plane’s cargo hold separate from the luggage area.

The plan is to sell Economy or Coach class tickets with an additional fare 
attached that will allow you to leave your economy seat when you so desire, and 
climb a stairway down to the hold where bunk beds are laid in small but neat 
rows that will allow you to sleep on long-haul flights.

Those with claustrophobic issues may want to take a pass on this as the area 
has no windows, but that problem may be solved by installing mirrors that give 
the illusion of windows.

Besides added revenue for airlines (they are always on the lookout for such 
opportunities) they may save on food and drink since there will probably be no 
cabin service to that area.

What next? Bunk beds in goods trains on Indian Railways during peak season for 
passenger travel? 

What about our private Volvo buses on the Bombay-Goa route. Double bus coaches 
where you can go to drink, dine and sleep in the attached trailer without 
batting an eyelid?

Roland Francis

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