It is reported that a frustrated Supreme Court bench said "We are being 
befooled by the Executive" when  rupees one lakh crore for environment 
protection was used for other purposes. The funds were  meant for afforestation 
and regeneration of destroyed forest ecosystem, but were used for civic works 
like road and building construction! Governments have also turned fasting 
protests into a joke! The Congress big wigs sat down on a one day token fast to 
protest against bad governance and the BJP government (including the PM of 
India) sits likewise to protest logjam of Parliament, where in fact they passed 
finance and many bills without discussion including hike in own salaries!  Who 
is getting befooled when Kadamba Volvo AC  41 seater airport bus service has 
been reportedly  running five times a day to Panaji, Candolim and Calangute 
@Rs150/-  only per person sometomes with only one passenger? Information flow 
to help public needs and complaints redressal is pathetic.The government and 
bureaucrats aught to be running around and ensuring the farmers and people live 
in peace and prosperity, but it appears that is the lot of the rulers whilst 
high prices of essential commodities and being befooled to frustrstion is also 
the lot of many people. The blocked access to Chogm road and Mapusa for 
Porvorim traffic has now been lifted on a trial basis for one month with no 
government propaganda, public notification or information! Consequently peiople 
are by habit still using the old route and will come to know in due course, 
probably after the one month has elapsed? We are still hoping for the promised 
less government and better governance.

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