Gone are the days when Goans as in British Africa, were known for their 
honesty, loyalty and reliability.

Much of the Goan work emigration to the Gulf countries also happened because of 
this. The next generation of Gulf Arabs also recognized this.

With a single massive act of dishonesty of Lemos and his wife, those standards 
have become a myth.

No pity on any of his so called innocent employees. There is no way they could 
have not known what was happening. They turned a blind eye and shut off their 
common sense and by that token were guilty of abetting him.

The Indian authorities should deport Ryan D’Souza, Fyan D’Souza and every last 
one of those rascals asked to be sent for trial to Dubai by the UAE authorities 
or Interpol. Any hestitation will show the local authorities to be complicit in 
the crime.

Roland Francis

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