Dear Valmiki

Your press report on Caranzalem beach filling appeared in Gomantak Times
today 14th April 2018
with mud is very true. Well said and I appreciate your stand. Thanks dear
Valmiki. I also give the credit to Gomantak Times for publishing it. I was
wandering how such things are going on openly with all the Earth machinery,
JCB and  trucks filling/ dumping everyday to our beautiful Miramar beach
area and no Government including CCP is bordered for questioning this
illegality? Everyday Ministers and Governor motorcade passes through this
Miramar-Dona Paula road and still no action is being taken.
Environmentalist have also gone on sleep?  Panjimites are the ones who are
suffering and Sidharth is upto his plans for the Smart city....what kind of
plan when the city is getting flooded during monsoon and high tide. There
was no need to spend funds from the government. Let us have the same city
with important development or shift the city to Old Goa where it was
earlier during Portuguese times.  Who wants these high rise buildings on
the beach shore? For ghantis?  The poor CM is on the bed at US and he may
not be aware or may be aware but things are going crooked in Goa in his
absence. I am sure some part of this area belongs to the Church or say  to
Souta Mayor . The board of Souta Mayor still exist and  standing there
where filling is going on.
  It must be investigated and the culprits to be booked.
Sorry state of affairs in whole of Goa. Only GOD may help us or HE too may
be sleeping?

Stephen Dias
Dona Paula
Panjimite and Senior Citizen
mob 9422443110
14th April 2018

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