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> All said and done.  He is a fine leader.  Today alone, he  is responsible
> for the daring big scale improvement of infrastructure in all fields in
> GOA.  He has contributed a lot by way of Security and Medical assistance to
> the people of Goa.
> I wish him a speedy recovery.  Goa needs a leader like him working 24X7.
> Having lost good friends by the dreaded Cancer disease in the past and few
> doctors at the Tata Hospital, the fourth stage is critical.
> Only a Miracle can help him.
> I have seen the good work done by him when i visited Goa for the
> expositions of the St Francis body.  It has never been advertised.
> Hence, MY personal prayers daily to St. Francis to please help this Great
> Man from Goa.
> Sir, Have faith and Trust in Prayers.  Our prayers will be answered and
> you will safely come back to Goa.
> All the Best and a speedy recovery,
> L. Pereira
RESPONSE: First of all since you are on the digest version, when you reply
please trim everything except what you need to respond to .

Stage 4, now will need more than a miracle, please inform me where you have
irrefutable proof that he is suffering from Cancer, that he is suffering
from stage 4 Cancer and finally that your prayers will be answered?

Sincere in my probe...so please acknowledge and answer me. O.K.

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