E DeSousa <ejd...@att.net> wrote:

>Rajan Bab , by any chance did you compensate Chandrika Bai
>for allowing you to use her photos in your work?
>By the way I am a great fan of your work. Some of your
>creations are quite  amazing.
>All the best.


No, I did not compensate her for taking her photograph since I am
not deploying her photos for a commercial use. I did ask her permission
to take her photographs. If I were to use her photos for commercial
purposes then I am legally bound to either compensate her or to
obtain a waiver via a 'model release' signature from her.

And by the way I did give her a good tip (can be seen in her left hand
in the second photo), but it was not because I took her photographs.

Thanks for asking.

Warm regards,


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