Corruption during the Congress regime had sunk to new lows, but the Karnataka 
elections have proved that the party with a difference can go lower than any 
low imaginable to win elections. The BJP has excelled the Congress in the 
stated "murder of democracy".  Isn't it ironic that corruption is the new norm, 
according to ADR watchdog where winability ensured 94% candidates of Congress 
were crorepattis, while 98% of BJP candidates were the same. In Megalaya, 
Manipur and Goa, BJP was No2, the Governor called on the largest post poll 
combination to form the government in a hurry, so horse trading could be 
minimal. In Goa just 4 days was given to prove majority!  In Karnataka, the 
Congress and JD(S) had the numbers, staked their claim, but the Governor calls 
on the BJP to form government and gives 15 days to prove majority! Big money, 
big digital data mining and fake news, gullible voters with a biased PM of 
India their star campaigner, the President and Vice President and Governors in 
the bag, the Congress bag of tricks is now no match! How much more poison will 
be injected into the body politics of democracy is anyone's guess. Politics of 
expediency to the fore, rule of law going for a toss, honesty, integrity, 
loyalty rare with loss of moral values. Imagine parties having to lock up their 
candidates in five star resorts to prevent poaching, and no gurantee of cross 
voting till the last minute. Sorry state of Indian democracy indeed!

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