Both words are used depending on the users location. Apparently the 
Chorao-grown variety are the best. 

My next best choice is Mussarat which is a very sweet fibrous mango which some 
people don’t like to eat and instead make mangado (jam) from it.

People from Coastal West India will be hard pressed to decide between the Goa 
Mancurad and the Ratnagiri Alphonso for the best-mango vote. I am among the 

Alphonsos are currently being sold for C$30 per doz in Toronto’s Indian stores. 
You can get the mussarat-like (as large and as sweet) Hayden mangoes from 
Mexico, a delicious fruit for just $10 a case of 14.

My personal likes include guava cheese (misnomer) which you get here in nicely 
packed tins from Chile and Ecuador which however you cannot spread like the 
Goa-made kind and Satam, a dried and pressed papad-like shaped item made from 
the soft jackfruit variety.

Roland Francis

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> If I am not mistaken it’s Mancurad.
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