It was thought of selling the GOA property many years ago but couldn’t be
done so for many factors. I was on the executive committee of fhe GOA when
that property was bought and I remember travelling with the president, John
Noronha, to the venue at Jane St., near Canada Wonderland, to look at the
property. Later on, I got to hear that the property was bought at a higher
rate for land available in that area. The man behind it was Joe Ferandes,
who is currently lying in hospital from a stroke.

Joe got aound some building committee members, and there was rumours afloat
after some months. I believe that there was some truth to the rumours.
There were some key players in all of this property-buying frenzy.

However, it was the hardwork of both Darrel Carvalho and Ralph D’Souza
which helped to give hope alive that the Markham municipality would give
the nod for zoning of public buildings. But it obviously decided to keep it
a Green area, there’s was no alternative but to put the property on the
market. Now that it has got rid of it, the second property to be let go,
GOA has no doubt benefitted financial in taking a big gamble. The first
property that was bought was in Etobicoke but it was in a residential area
and there were objections from residents to have a clubhouse of any nature.

Unfortunately, those young members of the GOA who supported a clubhouse
were not seen around in the following years. Some said the property was
out-of-the-way for both westerners and easterns. There was no way the GOA
could get a property of that size anywhere in the dense areas of West
Toronto or East Toronto. GOA was seeking a property that could accommodate
at least 50 per cent of its members for the New Year’s Dance or the
Anniversary Dance. The Viva Goa funfair came later.

With the sale of the property, the question of ever having a clubhouse is
now closed. The GOA must survive the way it has over the years.

Since I didn’t attend the AGM, was the proposal to have an annual fee of
$20 for seniors carried?


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