Yes; it becomes evident that we are reaching a new Tower of Babel
situation, with 'Everybody talking and nobody listening' (Bob Dylan, HARD

In mid-sixties I was teaching this song to High School kids, and was
reprimanded by my school Principal for doing it. Now that Dylan has 'a
Nobel for Literature' I feel a little vindicated.

Jesus drove the moneychangers from the Temple with a 'whip of knotted
cords'. If the cultural replication for that can be found, perhaps the bank
management people can be brought into line.

On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 6:14 AM, John Eric Gomes <> wrote:

> The government is going hammer and tongs about the ease of doing business,
> but what about easing the bureautratic hurdles in the common man's lives?
> The goverment aught to make the citizen's lives easier with efficient use
> of computers and digitization by enacting administrative reforms urgently.
> The infrastructure also is not upto the mark. The government it appears has
> not learnt anything from the chaos caused  during devasting  implementatiof
> demonitization and GST! At the post office are huge queues and such a waste
> of time due computers slow or sometimes printer out of order for days on
> end. Same problems I've witnessed at the banks and most government offices!
> My plight at this main nationalised bank is illustrative. I wanted to
> transfer my live account from the main nationalized branch in Panaji to
> same bank branch in Porvorim, filling up the form for this transfer at the
> Porvorim branch. After a week it has not been done. I ring up the Panaji
> manager. He is new and does not know where Porvorim is. Fair enough. He
> wants a whole lot of information, bank code etc which I give. Another week,
> no action. So I as a senior citizen, have to undertake, in this monsoon and
> flooding weather, a trip to the bank in Panaji, fill up the same form
> there, again necessary to give  xerox of Aadhar, Pan proof and so on. Same
> bank and I am not closing the account, or openning a new one. The bank
> already has my full KYC details, phone number etc. This is harassment.
> Unprepardness of the system, lack of clarity is causing havoc in the
> common man's lives. My life is unnecessarily being made miserable under the
> guise of security, black money, ease of doing business, government
> convenience etc which appears on the way to make Goa with impunity, another
> Mumbai as a flooded concrete lawless jungle. Incidentally note that self
> attestation of Aadhar/Pan etc asked for everywhere these days (or you don't
> get the service) can be misused and dangerous. A supreme court lawyer has
> advised if you have to, under your signature, every time as a precaution
> mention the date, purpose and "not to be used for other purpose".

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