I'm beginning to realize that the 'diaspora' of this world (Babylonians/and
the Rest) must, in the words of an old Jesuit (Fr. Albert Mendonca) whom I
used to visit in Goa, circa 1980,  'LEAVE EVERYTHING BEHIND'.

So, as the Ministers used to say to the Journalists in Goa, "the question
should not arise". But, does it? I'd be In full agreement with Fredrich N.,
that the skirmishes not be *waged* on Internet, but in context of
'Journalism' it would be interesting to get 'the facts'.

Having resided in Goa for half a lifetime, in partnership with one of 'Old
Goa Family' I can relate at first hand the hassles involved with
disposition of property in Goa. Just getting into the venue in Mapusa (a
used furniture store, for the most part) was enough to bring on atrial fib.

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> > Maybe some Goans in Toronto want to meet visiting Ministers or MLAs to
> > request help regarding their property or other matters in Goa.
> > I met few of them because I was invited for meetings or get-togethers. At
> a
> Eugene, please don't use Goanet to fight your personal battles. Thanks, FN.
> On behalf of Goanet.

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