Thanks for making clear what the ruckus is all about, VM. 
I was wondering why there was so much turbulence on the social media sites 
about the ex CM's remark.
Mervyn -----------------------------------------------------

Mahatma Gandhi believed everyone benefits from cleaning toilets, and
routinely did so himself. His grandson Tushar recalls, “In Bapu’s
ashrams, the first task entrusted to new entrants was the cleaning of
latrines. Every Satyagrahi went through this initiation, which is the
reason why even today when one meets a freedom fighter or a true
Gandhian the first thing one notices is their dignity and humility.”
To the “Father of the Nation” the logic was overwhelmingly simple, “so
long as you do not take the broom and the bucket in your own hands,
you cannot make your towns and cities clean.”


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