A relative first pointed Wendell out to me on a visit to Goa.  I had not heard 
of his fame then but he was, like us, on his way to a lesser known cultural 

I soon picked up on Wendell’s excellent articles and have mentioned before that 
he might have missed his vocation. However, Wendell was more than a good 
writer. He was passionate about Goa and Goans, he cared for his environment and 
fought for it.

I soon figured out that Wendell worked hard at whatever project he started. He 
was and will remain an inspiration for those who fight the denigration of Goa’s 
environment and way of life.

Mans life on this planet is just a short period of time. Wendell made better 
use of that time than most people I know.

R.I.P. Wendell. You lived a life worth emulating.


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