I pass Sao Paulo at Taleigao market often, especially when I don't want to
go to Panjim market as it is crowded.
Yesterday a new INNOVA vehicle with a registration number plate of HIGH
COURT BOMBAY IN GOA stopped there and 2 of the 4 occupants got down and
went to check the shops which were open, but not to buy anything. I
observed this carefully because the market was completely open. I thought
they were inspecting the city and found most of the shops in Panjim closed
but not Taleigăo. Also I think the occupants seated in this vehicle were
Judges or higher officials of Goa Administration. Earlier I saw police and
they were not wearing masks.

Then we heard that the lockdown would continue. I called Minister for Civil
Supplies Govind Gaude who assured me that essential commodities, even
including fish, would be available and a Circular will be issued. He
listened to my suggestions about police not gathering in large numbers
without masks as they are supposed to give a good example.
Today after the PM's announcement last night, our CM Pramod Sawant did his
job to ensure the lockdown is successful. Today 25th March morning,  a
Police jeep was parked at Taleigăo market with one person and SIREN ON
I appreciate the police's strict action in making this lockdown successful.
Police did their work well by standing in places where the chances of
breaking the lockdown was there. I was happy that they came with minimum
number of police personnel to give the crowd a good example they did not
gather in large numbers and wore masks. This probably has been advised by
Mr. Gaude who had said he would inform DGP and Chief Secretary to do the
needful which today seems to be done.
However, not everything was perfect. The PM had assured us that essential
services like milk, food, bread and petrol would be available.
Most of the pharmacies except Welness in St Inez and Apollo as well as 24
hour chemist shops remained closed. Also all shops, fish market, tea-shops,
restaurants, observed the lock down and were closed. The main milk stores
opposite pharmacy college received a stock of milk but police spoke to him
and he shut his shutters disappointing the huge line standing in queue upto
the Petrol pump near Mother Theresa's home. (See the photo below) It may
have opened later after I left.


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