Stephen Dias, Dona Paula

Quarantine is an effective method of stopping spread of disease by stopping
contact with others. Home quarantine SHOULD allow you to avoid contact with
others from the comfort of your own phone. But we fools are taking it too

There are a bunch of people  staying in two flats of Vasant Vihar who have
come from out of state earlier this week  and they keep on changing the
group with their families I believe.
 I presume they are supposed to be under home quarantine. Now I know for a
fact they have Goan maids coming in to cook and clean for them everyday.
These people are not wearing masks inside the house. Their maids spend
hours there every day and then head out to other jobs and then home to
their families, often with children and old people.

I'm sure this must be the case all over Goa as more and more people flooded
our poor little 'green-zone' state.

Pooja Bedi and her 'Goan' fiancé are now under home quarantine. Are they
doing their own dishes and sweeping and swabbing the floor themselves? Who
will go and check on all these home quarantine places? The only other
option is to quarantine their maids with all these spoilt brats!

Stephen Dias
Dona Paula

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