This music website (
describes Carm Mascarenhas' Someday Soon album as "an ultra rare Private
Canadian Psych Cosmic Folk masterpiece".
Further, "...Dreamy cosmic feel with great lyrics and musicianship. A true
- Folk and folkrock with acoustic and electric backing and powerful
vocals.. ...~
Rare Canadian-only private press folk-psych w/heavy vibes and terrific
musicianship/performance. Reminiscent of Van Morrison’s more cosmic work in
places or even a hippie Ron Baumber. Underated and highly recommended……"

There's more in the same vein, of course. It appears that Carm may have
found the musical niche, folk rock, he was happiest in. I listened to In
The Sun, again, at this website ( where the sound
reproduction is rather quite good and Carm's vocals may be more clearly and
distinctly heard. The claim about the whole album  having "a dreamy cosmic
feel" also seems to be borne out, somewhat, in this track. There's a
photograph of the lyrics, from the "mini LP CD"'s inlay card presumably,
but the print is too tiny to decipher and reproduce here. But some friends
are in touch with people in Winnipeg who knew Carm and this deficiency
should be remedied soon, hopefully. Till then, do check out the site and
let's hear what you feel about the music.

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