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GOACAN to mobilise consumers to prepare for the
forthcoming Session of the Goa Legislative Assembly

On the occasion of the International Day of Parliamentarism
30th June, GOACAN has launched a drive to mobilise consumers
to prepare for the forthcoming Twelfth Session, 2020 of the
Seventh Legislative Assembly and take up their consumer
related issues with their respective MLA's in the context of
the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of its 'Making Democracy Work' campaign, GOACAN
will undertake a month long drive to make consumers aware
of the functioning of the Goa Legislative Assembly and the
opportunities provided to its members to deliberate on issues
faced by the people, ask Starred and Unstarred Questions
(LAQs), pass resolutions, move amendments, introduce
legislation and decide on policies.

The focus of the GOACAN drive is to get consumers to
familiarise themselves with the functioning of the Legislative
Assembly prior to the start of the session on 27th July, the
proceedings of the session and the final outcomes by getting
them to keep track of the bulletins issued by the Secretary
Legislature from the Assembly Complex at Porvorim.

The International Day of Parliamentarism observed by the
United Nations is an opportunity for consumers in Goa to
remind themselves of the importance of democracy, the role
of the Legislative Assembly of Goa and Parliament of India.

"Strong parliaments are a cornerstone of democracy. They
represent the voice of the people, pass laws, allocate funds
to implement laws and policies, and hold Governments to
account. They work to make sure that policies benefit all
people, especially the most vulnerable.

In COVID-19 times, Parliaments and other government
institutions are subject to the same social distancing
measures as other public and private organisations.
Yet, in a time of crisis, the role of Parliament is more vital
than ever to pass emergency laws, allocate resources and
scrutinize government action."

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