´╗┐Denmark had the highest notification rate of chlamydia in 2019 with 614 cases 
per 100,000 population, followed by Norway with a notification rate of 
approximately 533.

Apart from Greenland, Iceland has the highest incidence rate, and the rate has 
increased significantly in later years. Iceland has three times the incidence 
rates of Norway and Sweden. Most cases are detected among young men.Feb 10, 2020


> On Nov 15, 2022, at 1:58 PM, eric pinto <ericpin...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> ´╗┐
> Your indignant voices reverberate on parallel tracks, but echo the sounds of 
> hurt that
> rustle with our breaths. Hope for our land is now drifting away, evidenced
> by a drop in messages posted here by what once was enthusiastic audience.
>    Frederick's co-homeland of Brazil went down the tube, courtesy of super 
> Christian
> and maha patriot Bolsonaro.
>      Rajan and I share a co-homeland known as the USA.  A series of 
> 'Christians' starting
> with the huckster Reagan and on to Trump have sold us out to the financial 
> interests
>  of charlatan billionaires.
>     And finally to our beloved Bharat, richly endowed by nature but haunted 
> by 'socialism'.
> Newly enriched by the likes of the Tatas and our software titans, we woke up 
> to discover
> that Laxmi's baniya children had exported one  half of our bank deposits to 
> Zurich and
> London.
>     The remedy may lie in thrashing impoverished Muslims, but I am not so 
> sure it will work.
> The Icelanders are just too smitten with venereal bacteria to come to our 
> rescue.

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