I just watched a documentary on the 'management' of horses in the wild in the 
state of Montana. Fifty state prison inmates run a farm that turn very 
dangerous beasts into horses with a potential of becoming valuable race horses. 
The 'Program' costs seventy million, possible when taxes are collected 
honestly.    The French have a big appetite for horse flesh. My friend Norman 
is involved in that freight forward trade from several countries. He is 
visiting Goa at the moment. He worksaround the clock and has little use for 
fake Covid fund raisers. I have put him to work for me in Goa on a kindly local 
Saligao operation.     A Vasai father and son team operate a little restaurant 
outside NY city. Goa Diocesepriests created the Bassein schools that turned 
vegetable growers into  a happy middleclass.     The P&O liner I dined on is 
now in Barbados, by way of Liverpool and Norway. It burnsthe oil that could 
heat homes and power factories. The retirees on board also need statefunded 
pensions and medicare.

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