Kejriwal star on political horizon
Kejriwal rose from corruption issue to CM Delhi for two consecutive terms
with thumping majority.Punjab with majority is surprised, unexpected gain
 The galaxy of orators. Central Ministers , CM and all motivated cases and
constant confrontation with LG has not made any dent.APP has definitely
spread its presence in other states He is seen as possible leader waiting
in wins
APP has introduced a new model of political discourse and campaigning
AK has not stooped to such low level of targeting personalities.No witchunt
either in Delhi or Punjab against past functionaries.But AK and his aides
are on their rudder day in and out.His model is on specific development and
issues that are of concern to the voters.He further challenges and assures
if he falls short of promises not to vote him again
This model on issue based elections is way forward and is a refressing
begining .Attack on personalities and using Govt agencies to hunt down
opponents has shown to be counter productive
The model of AK in campaigning devoid of personal attacks, highlighting
issues close to heart of voters is most welcome change in history of Indian
politics.No wonder the leadership of AP and his model is finding wide

Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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