Kejriwal model of politics

It is pleasant to hear his man ki bhat
No hatred  towards rivals, no witch hunt or cases against  filed on  his
previous politicians.No mouthing of catchy slogans.No demeaning, hurting ,
caustic  remarks and personal attacks.Dignified and respectful utterances
on issues  and authorities.He has fought all his battles legally and  even
prrpetual confrontation with LG democratically. AN intelligent ,highly
qualified academically  ,simple and approachable is certainly worthy of
highest position.A single person standing against might of Govt and witch
hunt by Central agencies with courage, of voters and
belief in his programmes
His model is decried  as freebies to the deserving, where as the rich and
powerful get subsidies, relief from loans in crores.He does not stress on
manifestos though  expresses fulfillment in total and beyond
He challenges the electorate to discard  him  next failing on his
assurances. It is a welcome model of political campaigning without
breathing fire , hatred , revenge and disrespectful  slogans
His educational  reforms, medical camps, free electricity ,water, war
against pollution, safety of women plugging the loopholes of corrupt
practices have earned him dividends and massive mandate twice  in Delhi and
Punjab and perhaps bound to make inroads in Gujarat too.
His rise and ascendancy is sending tremors and shockwaves in those aspiring
for a monolithic hold.
For the first time in many years the campaigning is based on issues that
touch the poor and totally free from hatred ,revenge and debased personal
attacks ,an absolute poor substitute  of dignified   behaviour
People are seeing the  welcone change  of respectful approach  towards
winning.The way he takes on and answers questions from critical press is
praise worthy and admirable. He campaigns alone without galaxy of orators
even in local  body elections.May his tribe increase The change is hopeful
sign in electoral politics
Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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