Another Ghastly murder

The gruesome  murder of Sharda has found echo in another similar case
The step son along with mother Poonam plotted to eliminate the husband ,
the nuisance .The flash point was sale of her ornaments  and gifting the
proceeds to his old wife, mother of stepson.Besides his lecherous behaviour
towards his wife was of serious concerns.He also was constantly disturbing
the peace in the family.
They got him intoxicated   adding  some drugs too and ensured he was
unconscious.They then slit his throat ,left the body to drain, cut it into
ten pieces, stored  in the fridge and with the mother disposed of the
remains together in a polythene  bag
The incident happened in June but has surfaced now
The plot is a rerun of latest case making national headlines
Has this  been a familiar modus operandi   in the past, presently coming to
light , an
ingenious way to hide identities and ensure  secrecy to avoid   detection
Nelson Lopes Chinchinimm

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