The 19th February 2008 horrendous attack on the Panaji Police Station was a
very serious crime against the State. It was a travesty that a lawmaker led
the attack against the law enforcement authorities. That now the CBI is
intentionally bungling the Prosecution of the case to save and shield
Babush Monserrate the main accused who is now the Revenue Minister comes as
no surprise.

On 22nd December last year the High Court directed that the trial commence
and be expedited as there was prima facie evidence against the accused.
This direction came after the case was conveniently in cold storage for
seven long years contrary to a Supreme Court order that any stay granted by
the High Court expires in six months and that unless extension is granted
the trial must go ahead.

The accused in high profile cases try to delay the trial by hook or crook,
as evidence is washed away as witnesses die and also giving enough time for
key documents to go missing as has possibly happened in this case. Now with
the CBI daring to play truant to sabotage a water tight well investigated
case, it would have to be seen if the Court is helpless and throws in the

Over the last decade we have not seen the CBI, Enforcement Directorate and
the Income Tax authorities act against a single BJP leader. It is no secret
that joining the saffron party is a route to be safely insulated from all
crimes. It is indeed an elevation from Sinner to Saint. God Save Our Nation.

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