Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on 21st October had publicly made a very tall
solemn promise that the PWD, RTO and the Traffic Police would within 15
days prepare a plan to curtail road accidents. It is now over a month and
yet no sign of how the authorities plan to deal with the rising number of

Was that assurance by the Chief Minister just like the rest, one never to
be honoured? The Chief Minister would be well advised that instead of
making meaningless promises everyday, to please restrict himself to one
assurance a month that he can comply with.

Goa desperately needs proper traffic management as the now regular traffic
jams in the cities across the State is a matter of concern and nerve
wrecking. Will the situation improve only when the Governor, Chief Minister
and his Ministers find themselves trapped in a traffic jam?

The Goa Police needs to get its act together and ensure free flow of
traffic by implementing a proper traffic management plan that works. There
has to be a concerted effort to save precious lives by preventing avoidable
accidents that are claiming human lives everyday.

So that the Goa Police can focus on traffic management, they could even
consider outsourcing to the Andhra Police the vexed issue of cleansing Goa
of the flourishing narcotic trade. Is it not an irony that our police are
feigning ignorance of the drug trade while their counterparts in Andhra
have all the minute details of this widespread menace which has been
destroying our youth and Goa’s social fabric?
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