Leaves  memorable trails in his parishes to be cherished

He was born on 6. June 1949 at Curtorim to Mr. &Mrs.Camilo
Vincent/Leopoldina Diniz. He studied at local Primary school and Lyceum  at
Margao.and completed M.A in Political Science.Ordained priest  in 1973. A
family of two brothers and two sisters all educationists
Posted at Pastoral Institute ( 1 Yr); IC C –Paroda APP (4yrs); and on staff
now  HolyCross ,Verna  (5Yrs); O. L. Lourdes,Tivim Canca,
Chaplain,(6yrs),Sunder Niwas for old,

A multifaceted personality, dynamic action oriented of
spirituality, preserver of customs traditions, convincing preacher , orator
promoter of Soccer tournaments, a footbal player himself, builder of
infrastructure  and development of surroundings, writer, lyricist,
Playwright. Composer,director poet ;social worke educationist , cultivator
of interpersonal  relationships

 .The grateful Parishioners instituted awards for Std XII Science at MMHSS
and at Std X at MMHS / SMA and for  the First  student in SSC amongst  4
schools of his Parishes
His posting as P.P. at O.L,Hope Church for 7yrs from 01.June 2014 was a
 divine blessing.He built Higher Secondary with surroundings  a
multipurpose hall, and approach  passage, Started Science section ,raised
monument of St Vaz , renovated cemetery  and extended it ,built
graves,.started English mass. Music school ,Provided double  fans and
Chandeliers, a stage and lighting of church ground.renovated
St Theresa  building ,a  shade  to wish mourners, raised and levelled  open
ground in front of cemetry., arranged for hearse van,  portable morgue and
baptistry, installed highmast lamp. CCTV for security,   protected
properties from encroachments, conducted successful retreats,encouraged
senior citizens organisation, beautified church square with ornamental
plants added  Air Conditioning  to  the residence .Raised resources by
foreign visits and other Churches.lotteries, dramas, food stalls , music

NAVELIM..Built Higher Secondary, Cardinal Gracias wing, renovated church
and compound,acquired ground and developed it,First to start a catering
College, BBA BCA Courses..Chapel to Blessed Sacrament and formed basic
Christian communities.Served for 8 years from 1998
BICHOLIM .  He took charge of school  for DSE from Jesuits.Removated Church
and school., conducted tournaments and brought unity between communities.He
served for 8 years
VASCO. ..Renovated and beautified the church.Srarted ICSE section and
constructed the building.Povided accomodation for Primary and Pre Primary
section Acquired 12000 m2 plot for future expansion of I CSE  section
Conducted soccer tournaments

A birds eye view of achievements as per his  naration.An E.M of GFA.He was
honoured by DKA  as a best Konkani writer He  contributed often to Konkanni

Nelson Lopes

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