Some links that might interest you...

* Goa Adoption Reunion Registry

* First Parsi-Gujarati tiatr :-)
  See translation in the description

* ‘Bombay Meri Hai’: How a party song from Bandra spread
  around the globe in the 1960s

* 50 Most Common Verbs Brazilian Portuguese

* Paulo Freire: Education, Schooling and Social Change

* In 2015: Bribery scam -- Hawala operator Raychand Soni
  was funding Goa casinos too (ET)

* Recipe: Try this Goan curry for a great palate-pleasing experience (GT)

* Is India's Democracy in Crisis Under Modi? | The Agenda

* The Printing Press in India; Its beginning and early development

* The fight against rising sea levels

* Romar Correa, from Santa Cruz, Mumbai (University of Mumbai)

* Demystifying and halo around 'Naatu Naatu' and RRR

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