Is Goa a liberal or a conservative society?

Goa is a unique blend of both liberal and conservative values, which is
reflected in its culture and traditions. Historically, Goa was a Portuguese
colony, and its culture was influenced by European values, including
liberal ideas such as religious tolerance and individual freedom.

On the other hand, Goa is also a society with deep-rooted conservative
values, particularly when it comes to family and social relationships.
Family ties are strong in Goa, and traditional gender roles are still
prevalent in many households.

In recent years, Goa has undergone significant changes, with the influx of
tourism, urbanization, and increased exposure to global cultures. This has
led to a shift towards more liberal values, particularly among the younger

Overall, Goa is a society that values both tradition and modernity, with a
mix of liberal and conservative values.


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