The rank tenacity of the Goa Government in promising people the Moon knows
no bounds. We were promised a Smart city but our Panaji has ended up like a
ravaged ghost town. Now we are being told that in two years Panaji will be
a Solar city.

We have lost count of all those fake promises being made. Pramod Sawant
makes a new promise everyday which he knows cannot be fulfilled. Always
long on rhetoric and short on action, discredits him and confirms his
status as a Chief Minister in power but not in control. His Government’s
record of broken promises has meant that the once bitten twice shy people
now take everything he says with a pinch of salt.

If Pramod Sawant in his four years as Chief Minister has not been able to
deliver and prove his credentials nothing more should be expected from the
accidental Chief Minister that he continues to be. He should have risen
above Politics and ensured Good governance at all levels. But he has proved
to be a disaster on all fronts. Nothing more needs to be said on the
rampant corruption that India’s smallest State is enveloped in.  Integrity,
Honesty, and Trust in our politicians matters more than any other quality
in public life. It is very simple, don’t make promises you don’t intend to
keep. A broken promise hurts as much as a lie. You just don’t make others
believe, you also make them hope, only to then dash their hopes and
aspirations of a better tomorrow!

Maybe it’s time for Pramod Sawant to do some self-scrutiny as to why he has
been fumbling, floundering and failing as Chief Minister. People would
always support a leader who is honest, simple and has the potential of
being a Statesman. Over to you Mr. Chief Minister! Remember, the proof of
the pudding is in the eating.
Adv. Aires Rodrigues

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