The Old Goa Police led by Inspector Satish Padwalkar must be commended for
swiftly cracking that Merces hit-and-run case which snuffed away the life
of a 39 year old on the early morning of 8th April. The accused who has now
been nabbed is a Navy staff member who was gambling his luck at a Casino in
Porvorim that night and was on his way back to Vasco possibly driving under
the influence of alcohol.

We have a lot of good and smart Police personnel but unfortunately their
brains and investigative skills are in the custody of the politicians whose
line they have to tow. It is time to ensure the Police function diligently
as a professionally competent body and not as mere agents of the political
party in power. This will ensure a halt to the rapid increase in crime and
will save lives.

The police need to investigate every crime diligently without fear or
favour. It is imperative that the criminal trial of every accused must be
speedy as justice delayed is justice denied and the punishment must fit the

While the law requires that the Police should be insulated from any
political interference and be independent in its functioning, the factual
ground reality is that our Police across Goa lack freedom in discharging
their duties while having to bow down to the dictates and directives of the

Politicians and police personnel must always remember that their core duty
is to protect the public by detecting and preventing crime and the police
have the legal powers to execute it. Bad or politically motivated policing
erodes public confidence in law enforcement which makes the job of good
police officers difficult.
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