Fr. Nicholas Dias here from Delhi Archdiocese & Chaplain for Federation of
All-India Anglo-Indians (FAIAI), originally from Benaulim-Goa.

Kindly send your representative at 4 pm.

PRESS RELEASE for Saturday, April 15, 2023)

The leaders of the Federation of Anglo-Indian Associations (FAIAI) in
India, along with Rev. Fr. Nicholas Dias, Chaplain for Anglo-Indians, who
is originally from Benaulim-Goa, met His Eminence Cardinal Filipe Neri
Ferrao, President of the Council of Catholic Bishops in India (CCBI).  The
leaders sought the help and support of the Cardinal in identifying and
reorganising Anglo-Indians in various parishes in the country.

In the circumstances the representations in Parliament and State
Legislatures for Anglo-Indians were snatched away by the unreasonable
attitude of the Central Government on the pretext that 'According to census
report of 2011 the number of Anglo-Indians are only 296 and they are well
off ', the Federation of Anglo-Indian Associations in India is on an effort
to conduct a survey to ascertain the number of Anglo-Indians in the

By the intervention of Rev. Fr. Nicholas Dias, several Anglo-Indians have
been identified in the Archdiocese of Delhi, and the Federation wants the
support of CCBI to extend this into other areas of the country.

Dr. Charles Dias Ex MP
The Federation of Anglo-Indian Associations in India
Ph: 09447209942

Fr. Nicholas Dias

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