This is one of the finest monument, a, gift to the people of Chinchinim It
is situated on the cross roads at Sarzora junction, surrounded by idylic
mountains that  rise and drop from all sides .It is the brain child  of  by
Dr Vilberto, a fusion of British and Indian architecture
 He modeled  it on the design of British Castle , incorporating Indian
architecture and motifs to remind him of  his  roots.
The granite rock from the Sarzora mountains, were chiseled into
construction blocks and this by itself is unique  sourcing   of local
material  never attempted by any one thus far
.This task was undertaken by his brother Mr Zeferino , who was also a
freedom fighter of repute  and a social worker  It was a pains taking job,
expensive and slow,
as the masons were specially sourced from outside the State. The Architect
was a foreigner. Every minutest detail was strictly supervised, monitored
by him in person by his frequent frequent visits to Goa during the
construction. Another specialty of this Goan castle is  the  concept of
cavity walls
 leaving a small space in between the two  walls.. It almost doubles the
costs and at least in Chinchinim , no structure incorporates this idea
This ensures cooling effect almost dispensing air conditioning to the house
Dr Vilberto introduced skilled labour from all over India as he was a
perfectionists The windows , doors , and even the main gate is inspired by
Indian architecture .This Castled nestled in sylvan surroundings is
beautifully laid by gardening experts. Dr left nothing to chance and any
imperfection was demolished to rectify his plans  One needs to visit the
the place and take a tour around the house to really appreciate this
magnificent monument of glory and legacy.that reminds of the roots of the
family  Even the furniture, crockery,
tapestry has been imported to match with the decor and enhance the grandeur
One is simply awe struck at the site of  this magnificent,
unique piece of architecture at Chinchinim
and nothing can match its glory or even come near to  it He had
intentions to use it, but circumstances have altered his plans and though
complete in every sense and habitable, it is used only for  ceremonial
functions so far.
According to  the  family sources , it is going to be museum, open for
public and
all artifacts,are already in place Whenever that happens it will be real
celebration. , promoting Sarzora Village to a new heights of popularity
.Sometimes back it was inaugurated by Lord Mayor of Lisbon and
the invitations of guests were restricted and limited to select few.
Arrangement are afoot   to
throw it open for public and then it will a place
not to be missed by any one especially \Chinchinim citizens and villagers.
The cross road junction is dedicated to our Lady of Fatima, statue imported
from Portugal and so also the outside frescoes, depicting scenes of
history  it will not be out of
place or exaggeration to stress its uniqueness and beauty to say the least
The public square for relaxation is also planned by him.  If my memory
serves me right, the place for modern bus stop was not made available to
him for its construction
Dr Vilberto has specialised in economics, but he is a builder , architect,
interior decorator etc all rolled into one He founded the prestigious,
first scholarships  in.memory of his late wife Margarida to complete
science degree courses and which are now
operating under P.C.Trust.He has since added  amother Scholarship in
Science after himself  for first student at all Goa level ,besides awards
for the first and second student from Assumpta School at Sarzora in honour
of his wife too. Coming from humble beginnings, he made it big in
Lisbon with his hard work, pursuit in excellence in  Education  He has
established  commercial and flourishing business ventures too
He has a son, who is looking after his continued
business interests .Of late and because of illhealth his visits to Goa have
been kept on hold
Dr Vilberto in his own indomitable style leaves a landmark  magnificent
Castle like
Indian structure as a memory and legacy at Sarzora, Chinchinim , origin
of his birth place
The structure finds a worthy mention in the prestigious journal of
Ancestral Homes
He passed away at 91 two  after his birthdayHis promotion of excellence in
Education  and outstanding structure will serve as a monument  of
everlasting memory
Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

Nelson Lopes
Nelson Lopes

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